How To Install Nexus Expansions / Presets – Tutorial

If you have problems to install your custom ReFx Nexus Expansions or Presets you have downloaded from us or other sites, follow this little tutorial. We explain how to install them. It works 100%!

To install your custom Nexus Expansions / Presets we splitted our little tutorial into 3 parts.

Step 1) First of all, you must find your nexus content folder. Normally this folder is in your VST standard folder. If you can not find it, try to use the search function of your OS (Windows or MAC).

In our little tutorial we using Windows 10 and our nexus content folder direction is:

C:Program Files (x86)VstPluginsNexus Content


Step 2) Okay, we found our nexus content folder. Now open the nexus content folder. Inside this folder, you will find a few other folders and files. To import custom presets and custom expansions into your nexus, you must open the “Presets” folder and insert the files into this folder.


Step 3) Now drag and drop, or copy and paste your custom nexus expansion / nexus presets into the Presets folder. It is important that your folder structure is right. Below we show you a few examples how it should looks like!

If you extracted them into the presets folder, it should look like this:
C:Program Files (x86)VstPluginsNexus ContentPresetsNexus XP 1 > all .fxp files
C:Program Files (x86)VstPluginsNexus ContentPresetsNexus XP 2 > all .fxp files


If your folder structure is like the example below, it won’t work, so please make sure your folder structure is like in our example above.

C:Program Files (x86)VstPluginsNexus ContentPresetsNexus XP 1Nexus XP 1 > all .fxp files
C:Program Files (x86)VstPluginsNexus ContentPresetsNexus XP 2Nexus XP 2 > all .fxp files


You are done! Now restart your Nexus VST and you should see the custom nexus expansion / custom nexus presets into your ReFx Nexus 2 VSTi. If you do not see it, you made a mistake. Please read the article again.

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