Free Dynamic Processor by Izotope
Add that final brighteness to your mix with Neutrino, a free spectral shaping plug-in that offers a glance into iZotope’s newest mixing technology.

Insert Neutrino free plug-in on multiple tracks across your session to expose a nice bulk of specific aspect that can help heighten tremendous mixes to a new smooth of cleansing. Established on iZotope’s Spectral Shaping technology, Neutrino understands to your audio and adds delicate, real-time arrangements based on perceptual hearing models to cut down momentary unevenness in a signal transparently, in a way that conventional equalizers and compressors can’t. With elementary controls and low-CPU usage, you can put it on all track in your session and accomplish better-balanced mixes without giving up dynamics and sonic integrity.

Add Clarity to your Mix with Neutrino :

Four modes Voices have a completely different sonic character, dynamic range, and frequency response than drums, bass, and other instruments.

Voice Mode : Add clarity and detail that helps vocals sit on top of the mix without becoming harsh or strident
Instrument Mode : smoothes resonances while preserving the authentic character of the instrument.
Bass Mode : Add punch and weight to electric, acoustic, and synth basses.
Drum Mode emphasizes transient detail across the spectrum while minimizing “muddy” or “flabby sounds.”
Other Features : Simple controls: Tweak just two knobs to dial in the appropriate processing amount and detail for your music.
Clarity across the board: Ultra efficient and designed to add unprecedented balance and focus to a mix when applied to every track, conceptually similar to analog summing or console emulations.