There are hundreds of good cloud storage services nowadays. Whether it’s DropBox, Google Drive, Box, MediaFire, Mega, SugarSync, Microsoft OneDrive, Carbonite, SpiderOak and the list goes on and on, but have you ever heard of “Degoo”?

For us it is a pretty new cloud storage provider. Well, its more a cloud backup provider than storage, but why did we decide to write this post, where there are so many other cloud storage providers? We think Degoo is a good choice for musicians, producers and artists.

This is by no means a detailed review, but we still want to share our experiences with you.

First of all, Degoo offers 100GB of free cloud storage (in 2017). Right, not 100MB or 10GB, whole 100GB. If you want or need more space you can purchase the premium subscription for $10 per month and you will get massive 2TB space, which is equivalent to 2000GB, more than enough to save all your projects like music projects, drum kits, sounds, music videos etc. We think it is a fair price, but definitely not the cheapest in the industry.

If you’ve been a musician for a long time, you’ll know how important backups are. There is nothing worse than losing valuable data because of a virus or if your harddisk dies. That’s why we think Degoo is already a good choice as a free user, because they offer enough space to store all your important data in the cloud, safely and always accessible with your PC or phone. A full fledged backup solution for musicians.

We found sources in the internet who said that the customer support is not that great, which is maybe a dealbreaker for some people, but how often do you contact the support of a cloud storage/backup storage provider in reallife situation? Right, probably never.

Also a little thumbs down: You can not download your file(s) via the Degoo website/web browser. In order to download your file(s), you must install the desktop client on your PC, or the App on your phone.

All in all, Degoo is a solid backup storage and a solid solution for musicians and producers.

Below you see the desktop client for Microsoft Windows 10.

Degoo is available (in 2017) for your PC (Windows and Mac), Apples iOS and Android. Degoo offers a variety of functions for example automatic backups (we recommend this function) or backup and compression of your photos on your phone. However, you can find it out for yourself on Degoo’s website.

Degoo PRO:

  • 100GB of free cloud backup
  • Android & iOS backup apps
  • Swedish-based privacy
  • Generous referral program
  • Connects multiple devices
  • Fair pricing (if needed)


  • Unresponsive customer support
  • No possibility to manage backup copies from website.
  • (Please read the additional notice below) We was not able to restore a few files from Degoo.

Additional notice:

After a few weeks of using this service we must inform you that we had some negative experience with the paid version of Degoo. We was not able to download some files on our Windows computer. The Degoo software on Windows downloads the file-backup around 30-40% and start again from 0% all the time.

Currently we do not know if it is a software bug or if it is already fixed in the latest version, however: We still think that the free 100GB is a great offer, but we highly recommend also use other cloud backup services and do not store very important data to Degoo to avoid the situation we experienced with this service.

Additional notice 2:

Around one month later, we received a reply from Degoo. They fixed the problem in the latest software version. We tried it out and indeed the error is fixed. However, the customer support is very slow.

Click on the banner image below to register on Degoo and download the official client on your computer or phone. Or you can simply go to:

100 GB Free Backup

If you register via this links, you will get extra 3GB of cloud storage for free.